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MediaKind - Media Solutions Tailored to you

Technology is constantly advancing, becoming faster, smarter and more efficient – uniting billions of people all over the world and allowing us to consume more media with greater ease, every day.

We understand the power of media and how it is evolving. 
It runs in our DNA. It’s our passion.

With our pioneering heritage and strong foundations – all fueled by deep innovation, we have a single goal in mind: to enable our customers to create and deliver immersive media experiences.

We are a global leader in media technology and services. Our mission is to build a media universe that continuously improves the ability of service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters, to acquire and dynamically deliver high-quality content that transports viewers towards truly extraordinary experiences. Our leading end-to-end portfolio of media solutions is inspired by decades of Emmy award-winning experiences – for: contribution and direct-to-consumer video service distribution; advertising and content personalization solutions; high efficiency cloud DVR; and TV and video delivery platforms.

Media Platforms

Deliver next generation tv experiences to any device, anywhere in the world

MediaKind’s Media Platforms ensure the most seamless, bespoke, intuitive and satisfying experiences on the market, delighting TV consumers on any possible device.

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Video Decoding

Award-winning, scaleable video decoding

MediaKind’s Video Decoding products combine to cover the full requirements for any installation, of any size.

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Video Processing & Storage

Tailored to every possible scenario

With a wide range of hardware and software options, our video processing and storage product range can be configured even for the most demanding requirements.

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Processing Management & Control

Fully integrated video processing management that puts the user firmly in control

MediaKind’s broad range of Video Processing Management products are engineered for the full range of control and monitoring needs and applications. These range from Contribution and Primary Distribution networks, to Direct To Consumer headends; from MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC to HEVC and SD, HD to 4K UHDTV.

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Stream Processing & Modulation

Efficient, multi-screen video delivery in all the most popular formats

MediaKind’s extensive range of modular stream processing capabilities enable operators to package the resulting streams and interface to the HTTP network for efficient video delivery to multi-screen services in all the most popular formats, including MPEG-DASH. Meanwhile, our Satellite and Cable modulators offer high flexibility with a class-leading set of features that make them the backbone of the industry, offering DVB-S2X, QAM and DTB-T2, while maintaining ease of use and control.

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Unlock the full revenue potential for content distributed over any network.

MediaKind’s Advertising portfolio enables tailored capabilities such as targeted dynamic ad insertion, localized content, content blackouts and security against piracy.

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